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weddings, marriage, Santa Barbara, weddings Santa Barbara, wedding ceremony, minister, non-denominational minister, interfaith, spiritual ceremonies, memorials, blessings, wedding vows


“Thank you for heralding our beautiful beginning!  Your ceremony and your poised presence conveyed all we wanted to express.  We wanted our community of loved ones to resonate with the warmth and the depth of our love.  You helped us give that beautiful gift to them.  In joyous appreciation, Susan & Octavia”

Susan & Octavia

“Steve and I would like to thank you for sharing with us the unfolding gifts your presence and the ceremony will continue to bring us for years to come.  You are truly a unique and special individual who is blessed with many talents that you graciously give back to others.  Your light shines bright and I am grateful the Universe was generous enough to allow us to cross paths.”

Steve and Debbie

“It’s hard to find the right words to express our gratitude for the beautiful wedding ceremony you performed for Alicia & Todd Beaty.  As Todd’s parents, we were simply overwhelmed by the tremendous love your words conveyed to us all--I cannot imagine anything I would have added or changed. Thank you for helping to unite our dear children, with your blessings.  Your deeply spiritual invocation for Alicia and Todd brought us great joy and comfort.  Thank you for this gift.”

Michele and Roy, Parents of Alicia

“You made Todd and Alicia’s wedding touching, personalized and very special to all of the family. You provided the finest service I have ever seen!  You looked beautiful as I looked up at the service.  I loved your robe and beauty and inner radiance.”

Luide, Mother of Alicia

“Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job on our wedding ceremony!  Everyone thought you were wonderful!  It turned out just like we wanted it to!  You made our parents feel wonderful and expressed to them exactly how we felt.”

Alicia & Todd

“What a magnificent ceremony.  There wasn’t a dry eye 50 miles of the courthouse.  You did such a beautiful job for us.  Thank you.  The atmosphere you created was very magical. God bless you and your wonderful work.”

Robyn and Bill

“Matt and I just want to thank you again for creating such a beautiful, memorable ceremony.  It couldn’t have been any more perfect.  Thank you especially for the wonderful blessing--your words were very powerful and touching. 

Our friends and family all commented on how beautiful the ceremony was.  It not only was a gift to Matt and I but out guests felt they came away with a gift as well. One of our friends said it made her fall in love with her husband all over again..

You truly captured our spirit and love and shared that with all the people we truly care about.

You are a remarkably kind, warm & generous person and we feel blessed to have found you and most of all to have married us.”

Lora & Matt

“Thank you so much for performing such a beautiful ceremony for us.  It was perfect, and on a perfect day.  Thank you for taking the time with us in getting to know the individuals that we are.  We had a fantastic time with many wonderful memories!”

Scott & Diane

“Adam and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our wedding perfect.  You helped us communicate exactly how we feel for each other and our loved ones.  You have a beautiful gift of being able to make everyone feel included, loved and celebrated in your wedding service.”

Shannon & Adam

“What a beautiful job you did!  Everyone made mention of the service, especially the parts on the kids.  The kids even mentioned and listened to every work.  Keith and I had a wonderful day only to be enhanced by you.”

Jodi & Keith

“Bruce and I want to tell you again--and even at this moment there is an overwhelming sense of sentiment as I recall the day--how beautiful the ceremony was that you performed for Jeff and Ellen.  We were deeply touched that they would include us, their close friends and family in such a way...we were not prepared!

Your gift of expressing their love and weaving it into the moment--was the magic of the occasion...and set the tone for the joyous beginning of their marriage...Such a unique talent you have and what a beautiful way to “give” to couples; your insights and expressions.  Thank you.”

Beverly and Bruce, Parents of Ellen

“I wish there were enough words to tell you how truly thankful Steve and I are to have you as not just our minister, but our friend.  I know we’ve only seen each other a few times but from the beginning we sensed a very special connection with you.  Thanks for helping us to make our special day the best it can be.”

Steve & Tracy

“Thank you  so much for creating such a magical ceremony for us!  It was superbly composed and we are still basking in the glow of the evening.”

Alethea & Steven

“Words cannot express the perfection you brought to our wedding ceremony.  Your presence, your love, your strength and clarity, and your support for us completed a near-perfect plan..  God works!  We thank you and love you.  Everyone was touched by your beauty.”

Barbara & Don

“Your words, combined with the music, the setting and the Bridal party made for one of the most unique and beautiful ceremonies I have ever been a part of (I’ve been in many weddings.)  Dave and I both felt you were the perfect person for us to be married by.”

Hillary & Dave

“Happy Anniversary!  It’s been a year since the most fabulous day of our lives (Brian’s and my life that is). I can’t express to you, even one year later, how much our wedding day meant.  The most amazing aspect of it was how you expressed, in not only words, but emotion exactly what we felt and continue to feel.  Your take on life and spirituality continue to play a part in our lives.  We love and admire your harmony with all things, and we are happy you were the one who guided us that day.”

Terry and Brian

“It couldn’t of been more beautiful...Thank you for channeling the love and light for our union.”

Rebecca and Robert

“Thank you for such a beautiful and meaningful ceremony for two beautiful and wonderful children. Everyone was moved, including the band, when Erika’s note was read and when both Erika and Peter were wiping each other’s tears.”


“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for being the special lady who guaranteed that our “so special” day was lovely and grand.”

Bev & Ed

“We wanted to thank you very much for your great words, and also wanted you to know that all of us thought you were great!  I hope everyone you marry is as happy with you a we are.  You are simply terrific.”

Rick and Peha

“Thank you for your great gift of words, presence, Spirit and love at our wedding ceremony.  You absolutely created the experience we dreamed our wedding would be.  I know you took my father to a place in his heart he hasn’t been in a long time--I bless you for that moment--the triumph of deep happiness & understanding.  The energy & laughter amidst our vows was all about us too!  I remember we told you together, a long time ago we wanted a ceremony that our guests felt more a part of our life, felt something had happened inside them.  We can’t count the friends & family who continue to be awed by their day on our day--they are mystified and it is marvelous.

Thank you for all your precious time, listening and reflection before our wedding.  In revealing ourselves to you, realized so much about our love, our companionship and our destiny.  It all feels more full!”

Judy and Paul

“You helped to make Paul  & Judy’s wedding a truly extraordinary experience for all.  You were just the right blend of religion, dignity and elegance.  I thank you for your words, for the future happiness for our children.”

Mr. and Mrs., Phillips, Parents of Judy

“Peter and I  wanted to express our joy in meeting you.  You left both of us with such a warm and loving feeling.  It feels as if we have know you for years and that assures us that the ceremony we create together will be perfect.”

Greta & Peter

“Your presence at our wedding was the greatest gift.  You are an angel.”

Renae & Mark

“Thank you very much for making our wedding such a special event.  The sense was just what we had hoped for; we received numerous compliments from those in attendance on the wonderful job that you did.  We greatly appreciated the personal information about the two of us that you so skillfully wove into the ceremony.  It is a day that we will long remember and cherish.”

Bashun & Stephen

“Please accept my heartfelt thanks for a wonderful service during my daughter’s and son in-law’s wedding celebration.  Even though the weather did not seem to want to cooperate, they were wonderful moments that I cherish as a parent and unforgettable memories that will last for a lifetime.  You made it all possible!  Thanks you from the bottom of my heart!”

Helga Good

“We would like to thank you again for the beautiful ceremony! It was incredibly special for us both, and very true to us as a couple.  Our families were also very touched by your words.  I wish words could express exactly what you have given us both..”

Heidi & Joe

“Thank you so much for our beautiful ceremony.  Everybody enjoyed it.  We both loved it and were impressed by how much you listened to the things we said.  We wouldn’t have changed a thing.  Thank you!”

Jill & Mele

“Alfredo and I want to thank you for the beautiful wedding ceremony.  You were truly wonderful--before--during--and after!  Your calm presence and sage words impressed everyone.”

Annick & Alfredo

“I feel like I am still searching for the right words to tell you how grateful Michael and I are to you for making our wedding day so wonderful, You brought such feeling and meaning to the ceremony.  You have a real gift.  Thank you for sharing it with us.”

Mary & Michael

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