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weddings, marriage, Santa Barbara, weddings Santa Barbara, wedding ceremony, minister, non-denominational minister, interfaith, spiritual ceremonies, memorials, blessings, wedding vows


Renewal of Vows

In much the same way she works with her Weddings, Rev. Lindbeck creates beautiful and moving ceremonies for those who wish to renew their vows.

People cry just as much, if not more, at these ceremonies, given the history of the couple, their children , grandchildren  and friends who have walked the years with them, and look to the future for more to come.

Memorials/Celebration of Life

Miriam also presides over Memorial Services and Celebrations of Life.  She meets with the family and close friends to talk about the person who passed on, to get to know and appreciate them as much as possible. She will gather special stories and anecdotes that make the service both touching and truly uplifting.

She organizes all the ideas the family has, works with all those who are participating and designs the service to flow with beauty, grace and inspiration. 

Her utmost desire is to leave everyone with a sense of closure and completion and an ongoing relationship with the one who has gone on. 

Infant/Child Photography

Rev. Lindbeck wants you to capture these moments with your babies. So, we will photograph all the different types of ceremonies for you. Don't get this confused with baby or newborn photography. We won't be posing your child. 

These will be candid photos that include members of your family and baby. Click here to find out more about the DFW photographer we use for this.

Infant/Child Blessings

Rev. Lindbeck creates full Blessings for Infants and Children.  She meets with the parents, weaves their ideas into the ones she brings to the meeting, and designs a celebration and welcoming everyone can enjoy and relate to.

She works up the numerology of the child and gives a reading for their possible future and destiny.

She asks the community to take a vow to support each other , to be a living example for the children and to be a safe haven for them always.

Any other child present at the Blessing receives a special blessing as well.

Instead of using water or oil as a symbol of the child’s awakening spiritual nature, she uses unsprayed rose petals.  Little ones love them and often happily taste them.  Rose petals, rich with symbolism, are soft and fragrant, beautiful to see, and children feel safe and comfortable with them.

This is a very special way to begin the life of a new one on earth.  It shifts everyone’s consciousness to a higher level and the blessing lives on over time.

Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage mark those important times in our lives where we have accomplished, achieved and take on new paths.  Birthdays are an example, new jobs, graduation etc., are portals to new beginnings and take on larger meaning when we celebrate and acknowledge them.  In ancient days, rites of passage were commonly done. and the significance of lifes’ processions was important.  It is just as important in our lives to mark our thresholds and take our next steps in deeper awareness and appreciation for them, and to acknowledge the beauty and meaning of our own, personal journeys. Living life consciously enrichens our lives and the lives of those we love.

Lost for a gift for someone’s birthday, graduation, new career?  A Rite of Passage is a gift of a life-time.

Home and Corporate Blessings

When moving into a new home, or opening a new business or endeavor, the visions, hopes, dreams, aspirations and goals of those involved take on greater presence and power when they are written and spoken with intention.  A Home or Corporate Blessing galvinizes the visions, the dreams, and calls them into actuality.  They resonate with life and possibility and inspire those who’s work it is to carry them out.  These kinds of Blessings never leave the minds of those who hear them, and they are a powerful way to launch a new beginning.

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